Seichem Reiki Energy Healing

What Is It?

 Seichem Reiki is an ancient form of Egyptian energy healing know also as universal life force energy. We are all a part of this energy as we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Because of our past lives and life experiences, we block the flow of this energy, which leads to an imbalance. Our aura gets cloudy, the mind struggles, and the body becomes fatigued and sick. Causing our chakras to not operate at their full potential. 

 With universal life force energy flowing the practitioner can open up the body temple of the  receiver and heal the aspects of self that are causing the blockages. Sometimes these blockages are from health issues, stress, hereditary disorders, or emotional distress. With the beautiful energy of Reiki any and all situations can be brought to the light and healed. 

What Can It Heal?

With Seichem Reiki all things are possible. Through the light of the divine that transmits the healing energy, one is connected directly to source that only knows creation. It reminds the body that it is healed already and creates the perfect environment for letting go of old past issues and traumas that caused the blockages in the first place.

 The healing potential with Seichem Reiki is limitless just as you are. Limitless in all your potential and capabilities and your infinite ways of creating. You were not meant to be here to suffer but rather to live an exciting and captivating life full of divine connections and manifestactions. 

What You Can Expect

 What you can expect after receiving a healing session is summed up with the word transformation. When the body is running energy balanced and in flow, situations that normally would have bothered you just seem to pass. Your triggers have lessened, your ability to communicate your intentions and hearts desires with others increases, your over all presence has been re-created. I’ve seen a consistent pattern in the well-being of others and how they appreciate life differently.  The most significant changes show up in how we feel about life and our relationships with those around us. 

Manifesting With Seichem Reiki

One of the most amazing things about Seichem Reiki and working with spirit is how easy it becomes to manifest the outcome as you desire. Everything from the perfect career and job choice to loving soul mate relationships and unions.  I’ve seen families become united, deep heart wounds healed and new love brought in, and many many many lives transformed into happiness. 

My own work I’ve done with this process is actually how you’re even seeing this webpage today. I’ve had the most magnificent joy that’s come out of working with spirit this way and co-creating with energy. 

The FAQs

 Can anyone try it? 

Anyone and any age can receive healing treatment with Reiki, yes even babies. It is safe and gentle, soothing and loving. It is an intuitive energy healing guided by Spirit. 

What will I feel like after session? 

It is completely normal after session to need to rest. Sometimes you need rest to allow the energy to fully integrate into the body what has just been done. It’s best to allow yourself the time of rest to recuperate to your new energy levels.

 What do I eat to support the energy? 

After a reiki energy healing session is best to eat dark leafy greens and lots of vegetables. This helps the assimilation process to be smoother. Also lots of water.  Staying hydrated will help with emotional releasing and integration as well. 

 Is it normal to feel emotional after session?

 Yes. During an energy session we open the body temple to release the blockages. More than likely the blockages were there due to an emotional situation. What I have experience most is an unexplained sudden cry that comes and goes quickly.  We must experience the energy as it leaves us so we know what we’re releasing. It’s like a final farewell as it’s on the way out. For additional support please call the center. We can explain what you may be experiencing. 

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