Angel Magic Reiki Training

Mastering The Art Of Angelic Healing

Angel Magic is a multidimensional certification course  incorporating reiki training and designed to give a new healer a large tool basket of knowledge and resources. There are five levels/degrees of initiation covering crystal healing and four levels of Seichem Reiki including Usui system Reiki. You will graduate as a master teacher and ready to serve. 

In this course you will learn how to trust your intuition, stone application and Reiki symbols, get in touch with your guides, have plenty of practice time with me, hands on client time, guidance about running your own healing practice, and confidence. I do all the work with you as I teach you how to feel your way through the session and practice your reiki energy healing. You will have lots of coaching and support throughout the classes. Become a master Seichem Reiki healer today!

Course Outline 

5 Level Certification Course includes certifications in 

Crystal Healing Practitioner

Reiki Levels 1, 11, 111 and Master Teacher 


Usui Shiski Ryoho Reiki,

Sechem/Seichem Reiki(SSR),

Crystals and Stones application,

Shamanic Practices and Journey Work,

Manifestation Ritual and Conducting Ceremony,

Building Intuition and Trust.

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