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Starlite Series is focused on soul alignment and light bringing. It’s a three-part series including three sessions in each part. Sessions run from 90-120 minutes. Aligning oneself to the star seeds, Star Beings, and activations creates major change in the way we experience life. You become in alignment to instant manifesting of your hearts desires and true calling with this light awareness.  The Star Beings are channeling energy through this process to connect us to deeper love on this planet now. Through the reconnection of light frequency energy between us and the Star Beings, we can create and harness the energy for expanded consciousness,  through love, on the planet. By the end of the series you are one with the energy of pure manifestation and deep Love of the One Great Merkaba. You will receive tools to assist you with this process and activations are included. 

Starlite Series 1- Mind, Body, Spirit (3 sessions)

In Series 1 we align the mind, body, and spirit to the stars and prepare the body to receive the light of creation. By bringing the three parts into perfect balance and harmony, the body can then hold the light frequency with ease. It is designed for those on their spiritual path to share their hearts love and universal love with all of humanity and create a better life for oneself through spirit. In this series we will be clearing the body temple of past traumas, karma, believe systems, social programming, and restructure the DNA.  This connects you to your soul self and activates you oneness with your higher self so that your in alignment with your divine path and purpose. 

Starlite Series 2- Stars, Soul, Gaia (3 sessions)

In Series 2 we focus on the aspect of yourself as manifester. Aligning the stars, your soul, and earth goddess Gaia as one. Bringing into perfect harmony and alignment as above so below and you as the bridge in between. With this alignment what you dream of from the stars, comes in as thoughts and is anchored into the earth plane to manifest. New forms of business and ways to manifest become more present for you.  You become a living star on earth.  A star that shares the light with all around. Healing others with just your presence and physical touch. You will be able to channel the starseeds within your body to send healing to individuals and parts of the planet through the heart chakra connection.  A greater service to yourself, your loved ones, and humanity. Complete oneness. 

Starlite Series 3- Cosmic, Galitic, Light Bringer (3 sessions)

Congratulations you’ve reached Starlite Series 3. In this series we align you to all of creation and the Cosmic Heart. Completing your transition into the alignment and flow of the One Great Merkaba. You are one with all of humanity and the galaxy holding the Merkaba energy within your body temple. In this series you are able to transmit the light of the starseeds and will into your existence all the magical experiences that you’ve come here to create. People around you feel the light you carry and it causes great change in their own lives. Love pours forth onto the planet through you and your joyful experiences as you are the anchor that assists its flow.

Video Testimonial

Mikal Shumate shares his experience as he becomes a Starlight Series initiate. 

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 The following link is to a website called Era Of Light. I’ve included it here to give him further insight into who the Star Beings are and their work with us on the planet. 

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