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Caring For Your Health

We understand that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind and body are completely healthy. That's why we take a spiritual approach to preventing and reversing disease. Every ailment has a spiritual root. Healing the body through energy work creates life changing benefits. 

Seichem Reiki Healing

Our goal is to provide spiritual awareness and body care that will align our mind, body, and spirit into perfect harmony. Our results prove the best way to heal the natural body is energictly  without pharmaceuticals. Seichem Reiki is channeled energy from the Divine. It is highly intelligent and deeply penetrating. With the healing light of the Divine and compsssionate love all things are possible. 

Our Promise to You

We care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be the best version of you. We are here to help you achieve optimal wellness,  spiritual growth, and creative manifestations.

About Angela

My Story

 My journey like most, came about because of the desire to have something better and greater than what I was experiencing in my life.  Like most of us I suffered from tremendous loss and heartache and even had difficulty holding down a job. I felt like I was doing life all wrong. I had spent many a night crying and through my tears I could see no hope.  I remember asking why did it have to be this way? 

Though at the time I did not realize it but my desire for change was being guided to me by the angelic realm. I found myself being inspired to search out what was calling to me, not completely knowing what it was I was looking for. I read a lot of books and started going to a lot of different classes at a local meditation spot.  I finally started to feel like there was more purpose in life.

 To my surprise what I was searching for was spirit. I discovered for myself that all the answers I seeked were right before me all along and actually within me. A whole new world opened up to me as my vision became very clear. I healed the deepest wounds of my life including the ones from childhood that I did not even know were there. Finally I felt the freedom I had been craving so deeply. I discovered that I am the creator of all my experieces and so I became an active participant in just that. My life is my own and I get to decide how I want to play my game. 

 With the love of the angels and spirit by my side urging me to shine my light I became a healer. I said to myself, “I feel so good everyone should feel this good” and in fact I shared that with many.  I became certified in Usui Reiki, then Seichem Reiki, and got certified in crystal healing too.  Spirit told me quite clearly, “we healed you so that you can help others heal using what we taught you”.  My gratitude is beyond measure. So here I am in service today, bringing to you a co-creation with the Divine called My Angel Connection 

My Healings

 After spending many years studying the healing craft I opened the doors to My Angel Connection in 2015 to assist others on their journeys to discovering themselves.  I am a Seichem and Usui Reiki Master and I use crystals/stones along with journey work to create change.  During a healing session I use your body temple to access your souls light.  With spirit guiding me we co-create optimal healing of the deepest parts of your soul.  From this life and other lives and all the wounds you still carry in your body. 

 Healing the deepest parts of your soul allows you to experience life differently.  Your relationships with all aspects of self and others are wrapped in more love. Evolving you to a higher vibration of living.  When you do this the body heals it’s DNA, it loves deeper and receives more, it releases negative blockages and experiences, and heals wounds that have kept you from experiencing your desires. 

 Your life is precious and your soul has come here to do great things. It’s my joy to provide you with the optimal way of being. 


Energy Healing Sessions

 Aligning the body, mind, and spirit into perfect wholeness and harmony is a lot easier then we are conditioned to think. Through the healing art of Reiki and crystals,  shamanic tools, and angel healing, the body can find peace. Rebalancing our energy fields allows the body to release blockages that are physically, emotionally, and spiritually keeping us from the life we want. We call this process transformational soul healing. Reaching into the depths of your soul to create changes in your now moment. 

Spiritual Events

 We offer a wide variety of classes, workshops, and certification programs to enrich your life with spirit as you step out on your path to your authentic truth. All created with the intention to  feed your spirit and soul leaving you with tools to inspire you to shine your greatness with the those you love.   

Starlite Series

This series focuses on becoming a light bringer by carrying the light codes of the starseeds. This energy helps the planet and consciousness of those not only in our community but worldwide. The added benefit to carrying this light is the pure manifestation and co-creation done with spirit supporting everything you do.

For more info click the link and select the series for a detailed description.

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Specializing in energy healing and soul alignment, meditations, classes and workshops, spiritual life coaching, and lots of fun!

Highlighted Events

2018 is a magical year of abundance and prosperity as we enter into a universal number 11 year, the number of the angels! All will feel their blessings abound! 

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“Hi Angela:

Wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful experience last night.  You are truly a special person and I am fortunate to have crossed your path.  I believe I have registered a change in my consciousness and have resolved the long standing problem of past life fear.  I had occasion today to see if that was true and it appeared to be so, without going into a long story.  Also, you gave me a very precious gift when you verified for me that what I was feeling when energy moved was in fact true and not something imagined.  It has now been independently verified although my level of doubt was minuscule before, now there is totally none!  Totally unexpected and so totally grateful for this little surprise.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

~ M.S.

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Big News!

 The past two years have been a blessing working out of North Hollywood and My Angel Connection spiritual wellness center has been thriving. This new year of 2018 we will be moving to West LA as it’s time for expansion. Look for updates as I know them and sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop!

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