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Angela Norwood

 Angela’s best known for guiding your manifestations with ease and creatively fun spiritual events. Her events channel the angels and spirit to create a magical experience of growth, opportunity, and change. She incorporates a ritualistic atmosphere and ceremony calling in the suppprt of the Divine and the cosmos. Through this form of intention setting one can show spirit we are not only serious about what we are asking for but are taking deliberate action to receive it. We call this co-creation with the Divine.  

Angela’s current running event is Moon Magic. Follow the link to read more about it.

Watch for our spiritual events calendar coming soon!

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Crystal Noldon

Crystal Noldon is a divine channel, sound healer, and selenite sword healer.   As a divine channel she works with the Elohim, Archangelic, Angelic and Ascended Master realms bringing through scared wisdom of how to navigate this new age.  As a sound healer, she channels sacred geometric Merkabah sounds of the Higher Self for Golden Age Weaving.   She also works with the 5th dimensional energy channeled through the selenite swords – very high frequency Ascension energy for profound healing and Higher Self activation.  She is also certified in the Reiki (level II) and Reconnection (level III) healing modalities.  During her meditations or Selenite Sword workshops, she brings all these energies and frequencies into harmonic balance for deep healing, deep awakening and deep connection to Source.

Crystal’s upcoming event is a weekly angelic guided meditation. Also look forward to her up coming 5D healing events! Follow the link to read more about it.

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Athena Kolinski, MA

Athena Kolinski, MA is a woman of many hats as a full-time mom of two young boys, part-time online professor, dreamworker, intuitive Tarotpy© Practitioner and a volunteer on the IASD Conference Advisory Committee. Her intuition and education, both academic and in life, aids in her ability to pay attention to details and connect them with the bigger picture to assist you on your life’s journey.


For over 10 years, Athena has been teaching about the Tarot and dreams. In her recent workshops she has focused on the personal side of images to help build awareness of perception, projections, and the stories we tell ourselves both in life and our approach to dreamwork. She feels that if you can affect one life, you may inspire thousands through them. By sharing your deep spiritual experiences and dreams, you are helping to empower and evolve individuals as well as the community.

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Tracey Pearson

Tracey Pearson is a passionate Shamanic Reiki Master & Crystal Reiki Master who utilizes Reiki healing, Crystal healing & Sound healing in one beautiful experience that leaves you radiating with Divine Love & Light energy.

Tracey was guided to create “The Divine Light Meditation Experience” as a way to spread Love & Light to all who seek it.

A wonderful following of awakened souls have joined us since the Meditation Experience was birthed nearly a year ago, many of which have now seen their manifestation desires come to fruition.

Follow the link to read more about it.

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With every experience you will leave with tools to support your spiritual journey.

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